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Our school uniform policy is a dress code of dignity. As such, it is imperative that every student adhere to the policy, thereby sending the message that she is a proud member of Valley Torah High School. We consider every one of our students to be a valuable asset to our school family. Our dress code reflects a standard of dignity and pride. Our dress code is strictly enforced.


  1. Only approved school skirts may be worn. Skirts come with an additional seven inches in length since they must be worn below the knee.
  2. Only an approved school blouse or polo shirt with the school logo may be worn.
  3. Legs must be completely covered and the knee not showing. Black, navy or gray knee highs are the only colors allowed. Leggings in the same color may be worn if they are unembellished and look like tights. When wearing leggings, students must also wear short, white ankle socks that completely cover the ankle with absolutely no other design or color on them. Absolutely no part of the ankle may be showing.
  4. The knee highs and leggings must be a solid color with no obvious textures, stripes or images of any kind.
  5. Only plain white shells may be worn under the uniform blouse.
  6. Only the school sweatshirt with the school logo may be worn. Seniors will be allowed to wear their own sweatshirts once the school year progresses.
  7. Sweatpants may not be worn at any time.
  8. Closed shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals and clogs are not acceptable. Boots may be worn during cold or rainy weather.
  9. Students may not wear hats or hoods in school.

It is difficult to codify all aspects of dress code. We therefore reserve the right to determine the propriety of a student’s appearance.


Please be aware that the ordering process for uniforms takes at least 4 weeks, so place orders in June so that students arrive on the first day of school in proper uniform. Students will not be allowed into school without the proper uniform.

The following vendor provides our uniform attire:

The school skirt (navy, black or grey) and polo shirts (light or navy blue adult with the school logo) as well as three choices of sweatshirts must be purchased from the Dennis Uniform Company. Use school code: SH00AW & ITEM #H08360-931. 6459 DeSoto Avenue, Woodland Hills. Tel: 818-703-7493.