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Extracurricular Program

Student Council

Valley Torah offers students the chance to learn about student council and serve as role models of their school and community.


Valley Torah offers a variety of elective offerings.

Mock Trial

Every year, the Constitutional Rights Foundation sponsors a program called Mock trial. Our students participate in this exciting program by serving as lawyers, witnesses and court staff in fictional course cases, thereby gaining valuable hands-on experience with the American judicial system.

No case is ever cut and dried! Students on both sides of a “case” get the chance to explore the nuance of researching specific legal statutes as well as the excitement of cross-examining witnesses. Each case includes a pretrial motion that involves one article from the Bill of Rights. At the end, a verdict is reached by a real judge who volunteers to hear the cases. After two rounds of trials at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, students who have earned enough points are invited to participate further in the playoff rounds. Successful teams compete in a state-wide competition at the end of the school year.


Working on the yearbook gives students valuable experience in writing, publishing and publicizing their masterpiece! Whether students are artistic or skilled writers or just interested in the whole process, the yearbook is a great activity to get involved in.

Performing Arts

Students enjoy a variety of performing arts electives, including Jazz dance, Hip-Hop, musical theater class, improvisation and choir. These courses culminate in a performance by students to show what they have learned. It’s a lot of fun too!

Additionally, Valley Torah students present a theatrical production at a local playhouse for family and friends. Past years productions have included “The Wizard of Oz”  and “Annie.” All students are encouraged to participate, whether they are in the cast or work on the crew.


Sci-Tech, offered as a science elective. This course focuses on the use of micro controllers and sensors to create original projects.