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Seminary and College Guidance


Preparation for College

Seminary/College Preparatory Programs

Valley Torah prides itself on its seminary and college preparatory programs and as such we offer a wide range of courses so that students may have the opportunity to attend a school of their choice. Parents and students are encouraged to initiate communication with the Principal and college counselor about these decisions. This is a big commitment, and we are here to assist in the process.


Valley Torah encourages all students to pursue a Jewish education and to spend a year at a post-high school seminary. The school makes arrangements for representatives of various seminaries to meet with students and present the benefits of their program. The dean and principal are involved in counseling students and in helping place them in the most suitable program. Since this is a very important part of a student’s development, we want to encourage each student to find the seminary that will best meet her and her family’s needs.

College and Career Counseling

The college / career counselor provides an important element of the educational process at Valley Torah. Each student meets with the counselor early in her high school career to explore possible options for higher education upon graduation. Regular reviews are held throughout the school year to ensure that each student fulfills the necessary requirements needed for entrance into the college or university of her choice.

During senior year, the college counselor is available to guide each student through the college application process. College representatives and other resources are provided to inform students and parents of the steps required in the admissions process. Individual attention is given to helping students select colleges that match their abilities, interests and talents.