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Technology Program

Valley Torah High School provides a variety of technology resources (e.g., hardware and software, Internet access, email) to complement the educational goals of the school. Students gain valuable experience using a broad range of technology tools for problem-solving, research, communications and higher-level thinking skills. Our computer lab is available for classes to complete projects. Students may also bring their own device such as a laptop, iPad, or other tablet. We offer wireless access throughout the campus with a high speed Internet connection that is filtered appropriately for student access. Please see our Technology Acceptable Use Policy for additional information.

Our Director of Technology provides students with ongoing technology training including topics such as cybersafety, plagiarism, digital citizenship as well using electronic resources wisely.

Google Apps

Valley Torah uses Google Apps for Education, which includes email, calendars, document sharing, blogs and other online resources. Students can share documents, turn in assignments online, schedule homework and study time and more.