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Valley Torah has established a strong collection of Torah and general studies courses. Our experienced faculty have created a challenging, appropriate and engaging curriculum that both challenges students and provides them with the support needed to be successful in life. Valley Torah encourages and inspires students to be collaborative, creative, and caring community leaders. We have guest speakers on relevant, contemporary topics. An exciting musical is presented each Spring where all students have the chance to participate in its production.

We also provide training in the responsible use of technology, offering presentations in online safety, responsible social media use, and proper use of research.  Each department is coordinated to offer students a clear, focused program of studies that prepares them for their journey into the next phase of their education.

Torah Studies Offerings

Our Torah studies forms the foundation of our program. It offers our students the opportunity to learn about and develop an appreciation for Torah values. Our young women graduate with a solid foundation in their identities as Orthodox Jews who are committed to living a Torah life.

Below are courses that fulfill our Torah Studies graduation requirements. Honors classes are offered.

Chumash (all levels)
Halacha (all levels)
Jewish Ethics & Philosophy
Pirkei Avot
Nach (all levels)
Jewish History

General Studies Offerings

The general studies program offers students a strong course of study with a challenging college-prep curriculum. Each department crafts a sequence of courses to give students the best possible learning experience. Small class sizes, technology integration and dynamic faculty all combine to give our young women a strong academic education.

Below are courses that fulfill our general studies graduation requirements. Honors classes are offered.


English (all levels)
AP Language
AP Literature


Algebra I, II
Business Math
Geometry I, II
AP Calculus


Intro to Physical Science
Chemical Investigations

Social Studies

World History 9 and 10
US History
AP US History
AP European History
AP Government

Foreign Language

Hebrew 9, 10, 11, 12

Physical Education

PE 9, 10