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About VTHS


Thank you for visiting our website and taking a closer look at Valley Torah High School for Girls. We hope that you find our website helpful in determining whether VTHS is the right match for your daughter.

Valley Torah offers an impressive breadth of choices not only in the academic curriculum, but also in sports, visual and performing arts, student activities and community service. With its diverse student body, Valley Torah provides a unique opportunity to explore new interests and participate in an active school community.

We recognize that applying to high school is not an easy process, and we want to be as helpful as possible. Valley Torah seeks to admit bright and energetic students who will enjoy academic success, take full advantage of all the opportunities and resources at Valley Torah, and will contribute both positively and profoundly to the school community. The admission committee reviews individual student strengths and strives to maintain a balanced student body.

We invite you to strongly consider Valley Torah. Please let us know how we can help you during the admission process. Thank you for considering VTHS.


Sheindy Gross, Principal


About Valley Torah High School

Valley Torah High School offers students and family a warm, friendly environment with an outstanding Torah and general studies program. We provide a comprehensive Jewish education with a primary emphasis on midos tovos. The teachers develop close relationships with their students and encourage their intellectual growth. The genuinely caring Torah-studies staff is always available to the students—at Shabbatonim and during all of our extracurricular learning programs. This special, individualized attention to students is no doubt one of the reasons our graduates are prepared for and accepted to the most outstanding seminaries in Israel and America.

Our graduates are also accepted to Ivy-League schools and the finest universities in the country. This success is due to the dedicated and professional secular-studies staff who develop creative and effective programs to educate our students and prepare them for any scholastic challenge. Our college counselor ensures that your daughter receives a course of study consistent with her college requirements and career objectives. We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools (wasc) and we are a member in good standing of the National Honor Society.

Valley Torah is the place for your daughter.

Our mission

Our mission at Valley Torah High School is to provide an excellent Torah and College Preparatory program that inspires our students to lead lives dedicated to Torah values, the pursuit of higher education and personal growth, resulting in a successful interface with an ever changing world.

Our Learning Goals

To be committed to fulfilling the Code of Jewish Law as it relates to everyday life.
To understand one’s role and responsibility in Jewish family life and in Jewish community life.
To be committed to Torah learning as a life-long pursuit.


To deal with the world with honesty and integrity.
To be aware of the needs of others and to be charitable with both time and money.

To show respect and understanding of others no matter their differences.
To show gratitude to others and to G-d.
To take responsibility for one’s actions.
To give service to improve the lives of others in the community.



To develop good study skills.
To develop critical thinking skills.
To work independently and collaboratively.
To develop time-management skills.
To develop research skills.
To communicate clearly, precisely, and logically in written and oral exposition.
To have amassed a body of knowledge consistent with our Torah and secular curricula.

To be equipped to pursue higher education as it relates to one’s academic and/or career goals


Valley Torah High School is located in Valley Village, California, a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. It is composed of two schools, one for young men and one for young women. The Girls’ Division provides a challenging dual curriculum made up of an orthodox Jewish curriculum and a college preparatory secular studies program.

Valley Torah opened in 1974 as Emek High School and in 1985 officially became known as Valley Torah High School. Valley Torah’s mission is to create an ambitious religious and educational experience where our students are inspired to live a life of commitment to Torah knowledge, continual spiritual growth and the pursuit of Judaic and Twenty-first Century learning.

Valley Torah is accredited by the Western Asociation of School and Colleges and is a member of the Bureau of Jewish Education and the California Scholarship Federation.